Frequently Asked Questions

For Students/Parents:

1. What if I do not wish to give out my contact information?

Learnpanion only requires the students’ email for contact between tutor and student. Other forms of communication are at the discretion of the tutor and student.
Learnpanion has a code of conduct barring volunteers from sharing the students’ personal information with anyone else and vice versa.
The information collected by Learnpanion is kept strictly confidential and will only be used for matching tutors and students.

2. How do you match students and tutors?

Learnpanion matches students and tutors by subjects and schedule in order to maximize the amount of help being rendered by our tutors. This allows for flexibility in both the timing and the content of the lesson which is beneficial to both the student and the tutor.

3. Can I request for a tutor of a specific gender?

Yes, if you are uncomfortable with tutors of a certain gender, do indicate when you are signing up or drop us an email at

4. Are your tutors qualified?

As Learnpanion tutors are volunteers, we do not conduct background checks as it is based on a system of trust. Most of our tutors are either professionally trained or ex-students which means that they will not only be able to impart knowledge to their students but also valuable exam techniques amongst other advice.

If you are really unsure or uncomfortable, do let the tutor know and you can check the tutors qualifications before beginning the tutoring sessions. If there is any issue whatsoever, please do drop us an email.

5. Can I request for longer/more frequent tutoring sessions?

You can request for longer/more frequent tutoring sessions, subject to the approval of our tutors. Please do note that as our tutors are volunteers and the tutoring allocations are based on a 1 hour tutoring session per week, they may not be able to accommodate your request.

In that case, please do drop us an email at and we would gladly sort out your request

For tutors:

  1. How do I conduct my lessons?

Learnpanion does not dictate how the lessons should be conducted. The way the lesson can be conducted is up to the tutor’s discretion, in a manner that is deemed to be most effective for the student. 

Lesson planning is not required though it is recommended that the tutor and student communicate so as to ensure lesson time is spent productively.

  1. How long should the duration of each lesson be?

The duration and timing of each lesson will be decided between the tutor and the student depending on the amount of time the tutor can commit. This is to allow both the tutor and the student to find common ground since this would vary from each pair and this provides more flexibility. 

Learnpanion recommends that lessons are held for 45 minutes to 1 hour in order to ensure optimal learning.

  1. What if my student does not respond to my email?

If your assigned student does not respond to your email, do feel free to drop us an email at and we will contact the student on your behalf.

  1. What if my schedule differs from week to week and I’m not able to have a fixed timing with my student?
  • Do not worry, this can be sorted out between the student and the tutor. Do drop Learnpanion an email at so that we are kept in the loop.
  • In the event that it is extremely difficult to schedule a lesson, let us know and we will try to assign a different student.
  1. Will a tutor be assigned to multiple students or will it be 1-1?
  • We will try to assign a tutor to a student in order to avoid overwhelming our tutors and so that the student is able to receive dedicated attention
  • However, for more niche subjects where tutor to student ratio is more skewed, we may assign multiple students to a tutor (subject to the tutor’s availability and approval)
  1. If I’m no longer able to commit for any reason, would I be able to exit the programme?
  • No worries, we understand that tutors have many commitments and there may be circumstances that require you to withdraw from the programme, during this Circuit breaker period. Do drop us an email at to let us know and we will help you with the withdrawal procedures.
  1. How do I contact the student after matching?
  • Tutors will take the initiative to email the students using the email provided by Learnpanion in order to arrange for a suitable timing and duration of the lesson.
  • Phone numbers should not be shared unless there is an agreement between the tutor and the student. However, you should not share their personal details with others. This is to protect the privacy of both the tutors and the students.