Code of Conduct

Once again, thank you so much for joining us! We aim for a safe and wholesome learning environment, where students can study in a “school away from school”. These guidelines are to ensure that sessions are kept transparent, and for a more enriching learning experience. Also, let us know if you face any difficulties in your learning/teaching!

1. Maintain respect at all times

Refrain from using vulgarities and crude language. Maintain basic courtesy and be polite at all times. Any form of racism or discrimination will not be tolerated.

2. Privacy

Do not take photos or videos of your students/tutors without permission. We value the privacy of all participants in Learnpanion. Please refrain from being very kaypoh!

3. Be nice

No inappropriate behavior. No hurtful, offensive or sexual comments/references will be tolerated. Refrain from collecting information through visual or audio recording, ask for permission first!